American Alcohollery presents Holman Spirits

MOFO Pink Lady Apple Brandy

MOFO Apple Brandy

NEW! Pink Lady apples were crushed in house on our antique apple mill and press. We fermented the apples and rested the wine for one month for flavor. This brandy is single pass distilled on our 100 gallon reflux column and freshly dumped bourbon barrel rested for 6 months at 125 proof to extract as much bourbon character as possible.

This is a very limited expression from a single apple varietal.

12 pack 750ml 95 Proof – 45% ABV
NC CODE 20268

Holman Spur Vodka

Spur Vodka

Holman Distillery slow distills Spur Vodka, which spends over 28 hours on our reflux stills, to produce a smooth, homemade vodka made from N.C. muscadines.

Batch #1 of Spur Vodka is handmade, hand bottled, hand packed in hand printed boxes. Did I mention it’s made by hand? As single sugar spirit producer, all of our spirits will be limited in availability. Our first Spur will be 450, 6 pack cases.

6 pack 750ml 80 Proof – 40% ABV
NC CODE 20011

Noble Mountain Courage Cold Compounded Gin

Noble Mountain Courage Cold Compounded Gin

2016 Noble Muscadine wine was stripped of alcohol and that alcohol was rested in stainless steel barrels with cinnamon and sassafras for 6 months. We ran this stripped into vodka and rested in on NC mountain juniper, Coriander, Angelica root, Sassafras, and grandpas Meyers lemons peels, peeled by hand. We cold compounded because we sourced the best botanicals and the care of selection comes out in flavor. A unique Gin from muscadines as the best of anything comes from the best of everything.

6 pack 750ml 83.6 Proof – 41.8% ABV 750ml
NC CODE 20462