Holman Distillery Applejohn Recipes

Freeze Jacked

Traditional Applejack is produced by frozen separation of alcohol from hard apple cider by removing the water. Applejohn is rich, sharp, no burn, no sugar, all flavor.

Prohibition was the nail in the coffin of a once heralded harder cider, applejack. The only commercially produced applejack, Applejohn is a unique beverage that is sharp on the front palate and has a long pleasant finish. Taste the revival of the original American spirit.

Try these Applejohn Recipes

Ginger Jack Rose - Epic
Applejohn, Canton ginger liqueur, lemon juice & grenadine

Autumn Nights - Epic
Applejohn, Spiced Rum, clove syrup

Sicilian Sour Apple - Novanta 90
Applejohn, Solerno blood orange, sour mix, lemon

Go Pro - House
Applejohn, Processco, simple syrup

Modern Jacked - House
Applejohn, Pom juice, lime, agave syrup

SPUR'ed Up Granny - House
Sugar rim, Applejohn Granny Smith, Spur vodka, lemon/lime

Applejack Rabbit - Classic
Applejohn, Orange juice, Maple Syrup, Lemon juice

Kiss - House
Sugar rim, Applejohn

Create and Share Your Cocktails!

Ice cold - with your favorite sweetener/fruit juice. Garnish with citrus.

Hot - Add warm water, cinnamon, honey for a nice apple pie toddy.

Add Bubbles & Proof - add processco, Spur vodka, or spiced rum.

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